More Pilots, More Voices, More Freedom

No matter how much lobbying we support in Washington or at our state capitols, if we continue to lose pilots, eventually we will lose our relevance and our freedoms to fly.

  • If our numbers shrink too low, now at 599,000 U.S. licensed pilots with current medicals—we will lose our ability to be heard and taken seriously. Right now we are tolerated—but are under fire by airport neighbors and in the halls of government.
  • Our defenders in Congress can’t continue to make our case if our numbers continue to shrink.
  • This fight is too important to leave to someone else. If we aren’t growing—we’re dying.
  • At present, no large GA organization has a well-planned, well-funded learn to fly outreach program. We hope that changes. But organizations with the financial resources to conduct large scale outreach programs are sitting on their wallets.
  • It’s up to pilots like you to rebuild our pilot population one friend—and one FirstFlight Experience at a time.
  • Only a respected friend or mentor like you can influence a prospect to try a FirstFlight experience. TV ads won’t do it. Google searches won’t get them to a great flight instructor of find them a pilot mentor like you.

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