Mass Media Isn’t Helping

Have you invited a friend to try flying with you recently?

Mass media won’t close the deal—but you can


In fact, no amount of advertising or cool GoPro videos can close the deal on a first flight.


If your friend is at all interested in flying (about 90 percent of all adults have considered it at some point), they probably won’t have a good experience trying to find a random airport, FBO or flight school to visit without some guidance from someone who knows the ropes—like you.


What they need is someone to take them to the right gate at the airport, show them several airplanes, and explain what it’s like to learn and what they should expect in terms of cost, practicality, time investment and safety.


You are the friend that becomes a mentor/advisor and you demonstrate that you are trustworthy enough to take them flying for the first time.


That friend, that trustworthy person is---you, especially you.

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