FirstFlight Experience Program

Here’s How the FirstFlight Experience program works:


To help rebuild GA, we need pilots like you to become active advisers who will guide prospective pilots as they explore the challenge and adventure of personal aviation.


As a FirstFlight Experience pilot in command, we are asking you to bring qualified friends to your local airport to fly with you for one hour—and then introduce them to a qualified flight instructor, flight school or flying club if they—and you—want to continue to build a mentoring relationship.


To invite them, you can use our website and its resources to professionally harness the power of your contacts, email, and smartphone and internet communications to identify and invite qualified prospects to simply go flying with you, or your flight instructor.


You don’t have to be Chuck Yeager or Sean Tucker to become a FirstFlight Experience sponsor pilot. Your personal commitment to flying, a current medical and access to a well maintained certified airplane already qualifies you as someone who understands what it means to learn to fly and make aviation an important part of your lifestyle.


If you will share that passion with people you know--in an active way, it’s possible that our U.S. pilot population could fly 100,000 FirstFlight prospects in the next year or two.

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