How Do I Start?

The FirstFlight Experience begins when you let others know that you are a pilot and want to introduce them to flying.


It’s a pretty natural, stress free process. You aren’t selling them anything. In fact you are giving away your time, engine hours and fuel. Sorry, there’s no reimbursement—it’s on your dime. If you are an EAA member, there is a cooperative program that covers your Eagle Flights missions with added insuruance).


  • The FirstFlight Experience begins with a conversation inviting a friend to go flying through a phone call, personal meeting at work, in your back yard, church, marina or golf course. It helps if you have a photo of you and your airplane on your smartphone to show you are the real deal!


  • You should have a smartphone, iPad or similar device with you to be able to show a friend our inviting website, with downloadable flight training resources and videos, photos of you and your airplane and the email form we offer to link your friend to our website resources.


  • After a personal meeting or phone call, you send a customizable email to you friends that becomes a personal, professional looking invitation with specific times, locations and directions for their FirstFlight Experience.


  • You can include a photo of yourself, your airplane and instrument panel or other airplanes similar to the one you will fly with your friend.


  • Your email has links to FAQs and informational videos that help a prospective student pilot understand that flying, while not risk free, is a conservative, safety-focused activity.


  • A copy of your email goes to our ITF database so that we can document your efforts and eventually help track your friends’ experiences selecting a flight school and instructor. Post-flight, you and your friend will fill out a brief report about the experience and he or she will rate their FirstFlight Experience.


  • Your friend may at that point choose to opt in to our email newsletter and resources notifications to obtain training materials, special offers on headsets, iPad apps, pilot supplies, videos and on line training resources.


  • The ITF website will offer dozens of brief video segments that offer a more complete guide to each phase of flight training


  • Additional video clips will demonstrate how pilots use their airplanes for pleasure or business and explain what it’s like to fly cross country


Testimonials will demonstrate experiences from pilots of all ages and backgrounds to help prospects visualize their future flying adventures

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