Finding Future Pilots

FirstFlight Experience: finding future pilots


Simply put, we need more pilots to revitalize General Aviation.

But the first question is,” Where can we find pilot prospects?”


Mass media will never be able to parse them out with budgets large enough to reach them repeatedly and get them to visit their local airport.


But pilots like you can identify them, seek them out, and make a new friend for yourself and for our pilot community


  • You can find pilot prospects without spending millions on mass media campaigns.


  • You can find prospective pilots walking around the BMW motorcycle dealership on Saturday.


  • They have a slip next to yours at the marina.


  • You play golf with some of them.


  • They go to your club, your church or workplace.
  • They are grownups with jobs, careers, businesses and families.


  • They are retired, they work full time, and they are entrepreneurs.


  • They are teachers, merchants, and businessmen, racing enthusiasts, sailors and skiers.


  • They come from all walks of life but in general, they are active, conservative risk takers, adventure seekers, competent, healthy, successful and interested in new things or experiences.
  • In short—they are just like you—but they haven’t experienced flying—yet—because they haven’t been invited!


  • Their names are already in your email list, on your cell phone speed dial or live next door or around the corner.

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